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Pembinaan Teknis (Bintek) Pengolahan dan Interpretasi Data Geomagnet
08 Apr 2015 • Dibaca : 4762 x ,

Earth's magnetic field is the physical parameters of the Earth's crust (lithosphere) and the magnetosphere, where the change in intensity can be used to examine the characteristics of the Earth's crust and also the dynamics of the magnetosphere. Observations on the Earth's surface is a method that is performed by several institutions in Indonesia for various purposes. In addition to the processing of raw data into data / information that is ready to be analyzed, or how to interpret the method is also needed to support the research. Processing methods need to be controlled by the researcher who is responsible for providing auxiliary data / information that is valid and ready to be analyzed. Data interpretation methods need to be understood by researchers so that the analysis can yield a correct conclusion.

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